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Startling Stories: Spring 2009
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Startling Stories: Spring 2009

Publication Ville / Pays:Wild Cat Books (April 20, 2009)
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Format d'origine:Paperback 196 des pages.
4.5/5 (Votes: 531)
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Mots clés: Action adventure  Science fiction 
21 10 2019
La description:
STARTLING STORIES, the classic pulp magazine, returns from Wild Cat Books with their latest issue for your enjoyment and entertainment! Edited and Designed by Graphic Artist William Carney, his issue features: Classic Pulp Sci-Fi reprints by Murray Leinster, Otis Adelbert Kline, and H. Beam Piper... A Tribute to Edd Cartier featuring lots of his SF illustrations from the pulp magazines... A Comprehensive History of the original "Startling Stories" pulp mag, which is lavishly illustrated... Plus new stories by Award-winning Author K.G. McAbee... Chris Carney... Barry Reese... Robert Morganbesser... plus a brand-new 8 page "Saucy Blaine" comic story by Ron Wilber! This is an AWESOME issue, and all true SF fans should grab a copy immediately!

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