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Moonlight Curse of the Hunger Moon (Volume 1)
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Moonlight Curse of the Hunger Moon (Volume 1)

Publication Ville / Pays:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Lrg edition (March 22, 2014)
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Format d'origine:Paperback 410 des pages.
4.7/5 (Votes: 1889)
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Mots clés: Fantasy  Paranormal urban 
13 11 2019
La description:
“It must be full moon,” a phrase which according to researchers is muttered commonly by late-night cops, psychiatry staffs, emergency room personnel and truck drivers. Though there are still no conclusive evidence to this claim, Filipinos still have superstitious beliefs that crazy things happen and monsters come out when the moon is full. Moonlight Curse is a series of Fantasy/Mystery /Thriller/Fiction books relating the adventures of a 25 year old girl named, Maya. She was born in Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur but was raised and grew up in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. Currently, she works as an Accountant in a Law Firm in Makati City. She has a dark past and a scary secret life though. Born in a family of hunters (her mother’s side of the family), she was trained as at an early age of 7 to kill aswang, manananggal, lobo, mandurugo and other monstrous creatures wreaking havoc in a community, killing human beings and animals , and even disrupting the balance in spirit and mortal world. But when she divulged secret information and her family’s true occupation to a non-hunter who used her to start-up his career as a writer, Maya was disowned by her parents and ostracized by her mother’s relatives. Only her grandaunt, Nana; two older brothers, Sam and Dan; and younger sister, Aura kept in touch and learned to forgive her over time. Nana even moved out with her to Pasay City. 5 years have passed, Maya dreamed of an old enemy she failed to kill when she was just 11 years old. Right then and there, she knew her retirement was over. Book one starts with the February moon called the Hunger moon. Each moon in a month is believed to possess or emit different types of power or energy. Therefore, I plan to write 13 books (12 full moon in a year and 1 blue moon) to complete the Moonlight Curse Series. Featuring on each books are different places and locations in the Philippines, highlighting Philippine myths and legends, superstitious beliefs, old and new cultures. Each books contained different types of Philippine monsters, creatures of lower mythology, Philippine history, local and foreign legends/history/cultures, some Greek and Roman mythology, fairy tales, Hollywood and Filipino movies and other supernatural beliefs and characters. Some characters, events and situations are based from true stories, but most are from my own imagination and make-belief.

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