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To the Sea
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To the Sea

Publication Ville / Pays:Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers (November 13, 2000)
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Format d'origine:Hardcover 320 des pages.
4.2/5 (Votes: 1345)
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Mots clés: World  Arts photography  Sports outdoors  Military  Engineering transportation  Transportation  Naval  Pictorials  Expeditions discoveries  Water sports  Ships  Vehicle pictorials  Narratives  Sailing 
21 10 2019
La description:
To The Sea captures on the page the allure of the ocean's depths, the incredible challenges it poses to nautical engineering, and the unrelenting demands it makes of man's endurance and resolve in exciting stories illustrated by more

than 360 dramatic photographs, paintings, charts and drawings. Harrowing true-life narratives and exciting excerpts from literature relate tales of high drama on the high seas, and will chill, thrill and inspire the adventurer in all of us. From the Endurance expedition to the most treacherous sailing races, fishing voyages and great explorations of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, sea adventures from all over the world and throughout history offer a complete study of man's struggles against the vast oceans. Statistics on weather, profiles of legendary captains and seamen along with excerpts from literature and famous true accounts are featured in sidebars and boxes that fill the pages with intriguing boating facts and nautical lore. Special features examine the storied history of navigation and advancements in ship design.

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